Old Yeller On Yelling


My mouth opened and out came yelling.

I yelled all day.

No one wants to talk to an old yeller who is yelling.

One woman said “I have a headache.”

I wanted to yell more.

So I came home and yelled.

The old dog’s white curls ran away.  Yelling.

Yelling on the telephone made people hang up.

I’m fragile too, they said.

Wanting to yell but finding no opportunity.

A movie about a serial killer scared me.

Hah – I inhaled.

A yell gathered in my throat.

You can’t scare yelling.


At 10:17, I open the front door.

To yell at someone something somewhere.

An old yeller has no script.




image from http://www.cpamapc.org/portfolio/cap-project/


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