Cdn-women-write-nonfiction Index

contemporary women– & a few from the last century

This list includes essayists (lyric, personal, and otherwise), literary nonfiction writers, memoirists, bloggers, environmental writers, historians, columnists and journalists. The range of prose writing is intended to suggest the multiple spokes in the umbrella category called “nonfiction writing.” Some of these writers work in “creative nonfiction,” a contested term that is intended to describe work after New Journalism’s transformations in voice and form. Creative nonfiction has various descriptions. This is mine: “Fact-based writing with a strong narrative voice and a style informed by literary techniques of fiction and sometimes poetry.”

Thanks to Aldora Cole who helped with the initial versionof the pomegranate’s Index. If you have additional information or notice errors or omissions, please write to us via the pomegranate contact form.

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